The Final Act

2009-02-20 22:04:32 by orb

Hey so I encoded my "The Final Act" movie I did for Animation 1 class last fall in flash so that I could upload it to newgrounds.

:3 enjoy!

The Final Act

The Fireman

2007-12-18 07:15:12 by orb

New movie out! Entitled "Fireman," this 3D short was my final project for my animation basics class.

You can view this animation here!


The Fireman


2007-11-20 05:23:53 by orb

I have a new animation out called To The Moon!

For the first time I got front page on a "solo project." However, I still don't consider this a fully solo project since I was working with other people, just people in real life rather than newgrounds.

So I still have FP solo as a goal ;)

Go watch the animation if you haven't already. I read every single review, so if I don't reply don't think I didn't read it.

<3 <3 <3

Blockslide 2 is out!!!

2007-11-07 17:04:03 by orb

BLOCKSLIDE 2 has been released!

Go play it!!!

Those of you familiar with Glaiel Gamer know he's a guru at making flash games.

One of his upcoming games is entitled "Blockslide 2," the sequel to his popular Blockslide game. I made the graphics for it, and (mostly due to his laziness :P) it has been in production for like 2 years now.

The current ETA is October of this year, so look forward to it.